IMS makeup school is one of Ethiopia’s biggest training schools in the makeup industry for providing advanced beauty makeup courses and various master classes.

Our Goal

Our goal is to create confident, educated, and responsible individuals who aspire to achieve their full potential. We will ensure everyone joining us becomes the best version of their talents.

Mission & Vision


Our Mission is to keep providing high-quality education with the international standard enabling a platform that builds a foundation for lifelong learning. And to create globally recognized African artists.


To become a globally noticed institute that creates makeup professionals who can influence the fast-growing makeup industry.

Meet Our Instructor


Liya Gole is an internationally certified makeup artist that believes in the artistic lifestyle of the business. she is one of the most well educated and passion driven makeup artist having ample of experience in her field. she constantly updates herself of current beauty trends, skin care regimens and products in standards of both international and local stands.
Liya, then has created a platform where she can contribute to her society by sharing her artistry knowledge ,and giving the opportunities here locally at an international standard. She is in fact an overqualified artist with her own identity so much so that she has inspired students to bring out their best and be their own selves.

What's New